The zero food waste option- it’s in the preparation, our Milan Feed the World Expo presentation

The ‘zero food waste is possible’ talk presented to the West Flanders government at the Milan Feed the World Expo Belgium Pavilion in October 2015 is available here as a pdf document.  The research presented is responsible for developing a supply model that will enable consumer to rate the sustainability of meal choices.  The supply chain approach is covered in the book, GFSS1 and we develop these models into a plate-based approach.

We are constantly told that zero food waste is not possible, we believe it is and the processing and manufacturing industry have a key role in meeting zero food waste. We are not saying only frozen, or only fresh or only canned are the options.  We are saying there is a need to integrate innovation and processing techniques in meal planning.  We will be publishing models of supply that demonstrate this principle.

A review of the importance of fruit and vegetable production to Belgium is available here, 35% of Flemish investment is made in the agro-food industries and preservation of foods makes supply chain work efficiently.  The research presented demonstrated how freezing is an important option for F&V supply.

While we state it seems unthinkable to throw away nearly a third of the food we produce, we still continue to overlook that we are all very much part of this problem because we all consume meals. The amount of food wasted clearly has an impact on our view of what we think a sustainable meal is and our research suggests food waste is a universal function that can help us determine the sustainability of diets. Achieving sustainability in food systems depends on the utilisation of both culinary skills and knowledge of how foods make meals. These are overlooked by the current food waste debate that is concerned with communicating the problem with food waste rather than solutions to it. We aim to change this oversight with the research presented here ….

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