Consumer options for feeding – and saving – the world, our article gets over 30- thousand readers

Here is a fantastic The Conversation article developed by Caroline Wood who has been working with me on food security during August 2016.  She has crunched some very complex things going on in the protein and ingredients sector into the few hundred words really well here!  The article is a summary of some great thought provoking conversations we had demonstrating the value of understanding and modelling consumer aspirations, providing commercial solutions that both meet those aspirations and all of our sustainable needs by ‘building-in sustainability’

Source: Green beans: why pulses are the eco-friendly option for feeding – and saving – the world

We all know the score: current trends predict there will be 9.7 billion mouths to feed by 2050. Producing enough food without using more land, exacerbating climate change or putting more pressure on water, soil and energy reserves will be challenging.

In the past, food security researchers have focused on production with less attention paid to consumer demand and how food is ultimately used in meals. However as developing nations aspire towards the “Western diet”, demand for meat and animal products is rapidly climbing.

This is bad news for the planet. The burden, therefore, must fall on people in richer nations to reduce their meat consumption and embrace other sources of protein.  Enter the pulses: beans, peas and lentils. Although generally cheaper than……


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