Fresh produce crisis? Our supermarket window on the supply chain, the BBC interview us on the ‘courgette crisis’

Maintaining strategies for responsible sourcing of produce are always a means to develop a sustainable business, with change in how produce moves around the EU we are being forced to re-think sourcing and managing stores of fruit of vegetables.  There are a number of indications that sourcing and preservation may become more important in the UK food supply chain.

Is there a fresh produce crisis with a Brexit? Our view on the supply chain
From the Sheffield Telegraph, this column showcases our supply chain research in response to shortages of courgettes and lettuces in February 2017, was it the tip of the iceberg?

During the 1990s British retailers mastered sourcing to maintain our all year demand for a wider range of fruit and vegetables. This gave rise to many myths of EU regulations describing the correct size of cucumbers and so on. But these quality standards improved the British diet so we could get the five servings of fruit and veg from the widest range possible each day. This is why shortages and empty shelves are so shocking. While the current courgette and iceberg lettuce crisis has given some of our local comedians and commentators elements of comedy gold, there may truly worrying times ahead if forces other than the weather are at work here.

View the column here


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